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A. 高考復習常用動詞短語歸納(英語)

speak/talk about 談論 think about 思考
care about 關心,對……有興趣 bring about 引起,使發生
set about 著手,開始 come about 發生
hear about 聽說 worry about 為……擔心
throw away 扔掉 blow away 吹走
carry away 拿走,使入迷 clear away 清除掉,消散
die away 逐漸消失,減弱 pass away 去世
wash away 沖走 take away 拿走,使消失
put away 收拾起來,存起來 give away 背棄,泄漏,贈送
wear away 磨掉,消耗 break away 擺脫
send away 讓走開 turn away 把……打發走
keep back 隱瞞,忍住 look back(on) 回顧
hold back 控制住 give back 歸還
call back 回電話 take back 拿回,收回
run for 競選 ask for 要求得到
wait for 等候 stand for 代表,表示
long for 渴望 hope/wish for 希望得到
care for 關心,喜歡 beg for 乞求
search for 查找 look for 尋找
call for 需要,要求 hunt for 尋找
change…for 用……換 charge…for 收費,要價
apply for 申請 take…for 誤以為……是
seek for 尋找 come for 來拿,來取5.動詞+down
burn down 燒毀 break down 壞了,垮了,分解
take down 記下,記錄 turn down 調小,拒絕
cut down 削減,砍倒 slow down 慢下來
pass down 傳下來 put down 記下,寫下,鎮壓
calm down 平靜下來 bring down 使……降低,使倒下
settle down 安家 come down 下落,傳下
tear down 拆毀,拆除
come at 向……襲擊 shout at 沖(某人)嚷嚷
run at 沖向,向……攻擊 work at 干……活動(研究)
tear at 用力撕 look at 看,注視
stare at 凝視 glare at 怒視
glance at 匆匆一瞥 laugh at 嘲笑
knock at 敲(門、窗等) point at 指向
smile at 沖(某人)笑 strike at 向……打擊
aim at 向……瞄準 shoot at 向……射擊
wonder at 驚訝 call at 拜訪(地點)
differ from 與……不同 suffer from 受……苦
hear from 收到……來信 die from 因……而死
keep/stop/prevent…from阻止…… learn from 向……學習
result from 由於 date from 始於……時期
separate…from 把……分離開
think of 想到 dream of 夢到
consist of 由……組成 speak of 談到
approve of 贊成 die of 死於
talk of 談到 hear of 聽說
complain of 抱怨 become of 發生……情況,怎麼啦
start off 出發 set off 出發
leave off 中斷 show off 炫耀
get off 下車 take off 脫下,起飛
see off 送行 ring off 掛斷電話
put off 延期,推遲 come off 脫落,褪色
cut off 切斷,斷絕 fall off 跌落,掉下
keep off 避開,勿走近 go off 消失;壞了,爆炸,不喜歡
knock…off 把……撞落 break off 打斷
pay off 還清 carry off 攜走帶走,贏得
get off 脫下(衣服等) give off 散發出
turn(switch) off 關掉
depend on 依靠 rely on 依靠
insist on 堅持 carry on 繼續,進行
keep/go on 繼續 spend…on 在……花錢
put on 穿上,戴上,上演 call on 拜訪
move on 繼續移動,往前走 live on 以……為生
feed on 以……為生 bring on 使……發展
take on 僱用,呈現(新面貌等) try on 試穿
have on 穿著 pass on 傳授,傳遞
look on 旁觀 turn(switch) on 打開
break out 爆發 point out 指出
pick out 選出 figure out 算出,理解
burst out 進發 bring out 闡明,使表現出
carry out 執行,進行 help out 救助
hold out 堅持下去 set out 出發,著手,擺放
wear out 穿破,使……疲勞 turn out 結果是,生產,培養
make out 理解,看清楚 come out 出版,出來
cross out 劃掉 leave out 省略,刪掉
keep out(of) 使不進入,擋住 work out 算出,想出辦法等
find out 查出,弄明白 give out 散發,分發,用完
try out 試用,試驗 look out 當心,提防
put out 撲滅 speak out 大膽講出
hand out 散發 send out 發出,派遣
run out 用完 go out 熄滅
let out 泄漏,發出(聲音),出租 die out 滅絕
give in 讓步 hand in 上交
bring in 引進,使得到收入 drop in 拜訪
result in 導致 succeed in 在……獲成功
join in 參加 take in 接納,吸收,改小
get in 收獲,進入 break in 強制進入,插話
fill in 填寫 call in 召集,來訪
cut in 插入 persist in 堅持
look in 來訪,參觀
look into 研究,調查 turn into 變成
burst into 闖入,進發 divide…into 把……分成
change…into 把……變成 put/translate…into 把……譯成
run into碰到 send sb to/into sleep 使進入狀態
turn over 翻倒,細想 think over 仔細考慮
go over 審閱,檢查,研究 look over 翻閱,檢查
get over 克服 run over 壓死,看一遍
take over 接管,接替 watch over 看守,照看
fall over 跌倒,摔倒 roll over 翻滾
belong to 屬於 object to 反對
refer to 談到,涉及,參閱 point to 指向
turn to 向……求助,查閱 stick/hold/keep to 堅持,忠於
see to 處理,料理 come to 共計,蘇醒
reply to 答復 get to 到達
bring to 使蘇醒把……比作 compare…to 與…相比;把…比作
agree to 同意 write to 寫信給
supply…to 為……提供 lead to 導致,通向
add to 增添 attend to 處理,專心,照料
devote…to 貢獻給
grow up 成長,長大 give up 放棄,獻出
build up 建立 set up 架起、建立
put up 搭起,架起,安裝,住宿,張貼,蓋起
do up 整理,包裝,打扮
go up 增長,上漲get up 起床,站起
pick up 拾起,學會,用車,來接,收聽到
bring up 撫養,嘔吐,提出 出現
turn up 開大(音量等),出席
stay up 挺住,熬夜
take up 開始學,從事,占據
sit up 熬夜 eat up 吃完
use up 用完 tear up 撕碎
lay up 儲存 make up構成,組成 編造 彌補
cut up 切碎 join up 聯結起來,參軍
end up 總結 come up 上來,長出,出現
speed up 加快速度 throw up 嘔吐
clear up 整理,收拾,放晴 look up 查找,找出
bum up 燒毀 catch up 趕上
hurry up 趕快 fix up 修理,安排,裝置
keep up 保持 hold up 耽擱,使停頓
send up 發射 ring up 打電話
open up 開創,開辟 divide up 分配
break up 分解
get through 通過,幹完,接通電話
look through 翻閱,看一遍,仔細查看
go through 審閱,檢查,學習
put…through 接通電話 see through 識破
check through 核對 pull through 渡過危機,康復
deal with 處理,對付 do with 處理,需要
meet with 遇到,遭受 talk with 同……交談
agree with 同意,與……一致 compare with 與……相比
combine with 與……相聯合 equip…with 以……裝備
cover…with 用……覆蓋 begin with 以……開始
end up with 以……結束 supply…with 以……供給
provide…with 以……供給 play with 玩,玩弄
add up to 總計 break away from 擺脫
keep away from 避開,別靠近 do away with 廢除
look down on 輕視 look up to 仰望,尊敬
put up with 忍受 catch up with 趕上
keep up with 趕上 run out of 用完
make up for 彌補 go on with 繼續
get on(along) with 和……相處 look forward to 盼望
get close to 接近 take hold of 握住
get out of 逃避,避免 get down to 認真開始
set fire to 放火燒 pay attention to 注意
take notice of 注意 set an example to 為……榜樣
do well in 在……幹得好 pay a visit to 訪問
take a photo of 拍……照片 take the place of 取代

B. 求高考英語高頻詞彙短語 在線等

1. 做某事有能力 have the ability to do sth; be capable of doing sth; be able to do sth
2. 使某人能夠做某事enable sb to do sth
3. 人們普遍認為 It』s generally accepted/believed that …
4. 有對…的享用權 have / gain /get/ access to sth.
5. 習慣於做…be accustomed to doing sth; be used to doing sth.
6. 採取行動 take action /measures / steps
7. 使…適應於… adapt (oneself ) to
8. 擔負得起時間/錢等做某事 can afford to do sth
9. 勸某人做某事 advise sb to do sth
10. 同意某人/某人所說的話/某人的觀點 agree with sb / what sb says …
11. 允許某人做某事 allow / permit sb to do sth
12. 與某人相處 get along/ on (well) with sb
13. 因為…向某人道歉apologize to sb for sth / make an apology to sb for sth
14. 某事吸引某人 sth appeal to sb
15. 向某人申請… apply to sb for sth / make an application to sb for sth
16. 運用 apply … to
17. 安排某人做某事 arrange for sb to do sth
18. 某人可以得到…sth be available to sb
19. 給某人授獎 award sb sth= award sth to sb
20. 得益於… benefit from sth
21. 某人該受責備 sb be to blame
22. 吸引某人的注意 catch / attract one』s attention/eye
23. 無法修理/無法認出/無法形容beyond repair/recognition/description
24. 對…膩了 be bored with; be tired of; be fed up with
25. 忙於做… be busy doing sth; be busy with sth
26. 只好;不得不做…cannot help but do sth; cannot but do sth
27. 除了做…別無選擇 have no choice but to do sth
28. 不太有可能做(chance)There』s little/no/not much chance of sb』s doing sth / that …
29. 遭雨淋 be caught in the rain
30. 突然大笑起來 burst into laughter; burst out laughing
31. 撞見某人做某事 catch sb doing
32. 再…也不為過 cannot not … too ; can never … too
33. 貫徹;執行 carry out
34. 追上;趕上 catch up with
35. 導致 result in; lead to; give rise to; bring about; contribute to
36. 把某人培養大 bring sb up
37. 去露營 go camping
38. 意識到 be aware of/ that…; be conscious of / that…
39. 在…形勢下 in /under …circunstances
40. 聲稱 claim to be / to do / that
41. 選擇;挑一挑make a choice
42. 放晴 clear up
43. 蘇醒;總計達 come to
44. 掌握;能自由運用have a good command of sth
45. 對…進行評論 comment on sth; make a comment on sth ; make some comments on sth
46. 犯罪 commit a crime
47. 在某方面有共同之處 have sth in common
48. 把…比作 compare …to …
49. 向某人抱怨某事 complain to sb of / about sth; complain to sb that …
50. 由…組成 be composed of; be made up of; consist of
51. 全神貫注於… concentrate on sth
52. 就某人而言 as far as sb is concerned
53. 得出結論 draw / come to/ arrive at / reach a conclusion
54. 進行一項調查 conct / make a survey
55. 對…有信心have confidence in sb/sth ; be confident of sb/sth;
56. 祝賀某人某事 congratulate sb on sth / on doing sth
57. 與…取得聯系 make contact with sb / contact sb
58. 正相反on the contrary
59. 與…形成對照in contrast with / to
60. 對…作出巨大的貢獻 make great contributions to
61. 使某人相信某事 convince sb of sth / convince sb that …
62. 與某人合作 cooperate with sb
63. 以…為代價 at the cost of
64. 熱衷於,對…痴迷 be crazy about
65. 擠滿… be crowded with
66. 對…感到好奇 be curious about
67. 在沉思be lost in thought
68. 指望某人做某事depend on sb to do sth.
69. 決心做…be determined to do sth.; decide to do; make up one』s mind to do
70. 致力於…devote oneself to sth.(doing sth.)/ be devoted to
71. 不同於…differ from
72. 在…方面不同 differ in
73. 朝…方向去 in the direction of
74. 辨別 distinguish A from B
75. 生效come into effect
76. 竭盡全力做某事make every effort to do sth.
77. 不遺餘力;竭盡全力做某事spare no effort to do sth.
78. 強調…place / put / lay emphasis on…
79. 鼓勵某人做某事 encourage sb to do sth
80. 忙著做某事 be engaged in doing sth.; be busy with sth.
81. 用….裝備… equip …with …
82. 擴大某人的視野 expand / broaden one』s horizons
83. 使某人暴露/接觸… expose sb /oneself to…
84. 在某種程度上 to some extent
85. 對…有天賦 have a gift for sth
86. 對某人有好處 be good for sb. / do good to sb
87. 猶豫/不願做某事 hesitate to do sth
88. 做某事深感榮幸 It is an honour to do sth.
89. 幸虧;由於 thanks to
90. 把…考慮進去 take …into account / consideration
91. 從事 take up
92. 與…保持著聯系 be in touch with sb / keep in touch with sb
93. 不知道be ignorant of
94. 想像做某事 imagine doing sth.
95. 對…產生影響make / have a +adj. impact / influence / effect on
96. 對某人不耐煩 be impatient with sb.
97. 使某人記住 impress sth on / upon sb.
98. 給某人留下深刻印象 leave / make a deep impression on sb.
99. 獨立於某人 be independent of sb.
100. 把…傳染給某人infect sb with sth.
101. 比…低下 be inferior to
102. 通知某人inform sb of sth.
103. 對…有興趣 have / take / find / show interest in sth.
104. 把某人捲入involve sb/ oneself in sth. / get / be involved in sth.
105. 與某人開玩笑 play a joke on sb
106. 喜愛,著迷 be keen on doing
107. 跟上keep up with
108. 與某人保持/取得聯系 keep/ get in touch with sb.
109. 記在心裡 keep sth in mind
110. 撞倒 knock down
111. 滿足…的需求 meet the needs of
112. 反對做某事 object to doing / be opposed to sth / doing sth
113. 遵守交通規則 observe the traffic rules
114. 某人從來沒想到過 It never occurs to sb that…
115. 我突然想到 It suddenly struck me that …
116. 出故障 out of order
117. 除了;不同於 other than
118. 而不是 rather than
119. 在…起作用 play a part / role in…
120. 參與… participate in
121. 20%的學生 twenty percent of the students
122. 堅持不懈做某事 persevere in sth / doing sth
123. 學會;拾起;接人 pick up
124. 代替 take the place of / in place of
125. 受…喜愛 be popular with sb
126. 推遲做某事 postpone / put off / delay doing
127. 寧可做…而不願做… prefer to do sth. rather than do sth / prefer doing to doing / prefer sth to sth / would rather do than do
128. 處於困境中 be in trouble
129. 做事費力 have trouble (in) doing sth / with sth
130. 充分利用 make full use of
131. 某東西對某人有價值 sth be of value to sb
132. 某事因人而易 sth. vary from person to person
133. 有…的觀點/想法 hold the view that…
134. 自願做某事 volunteer to do sth
135. 和往常一樣 as usual
136. 廣泛的;種類繁多的 a wide range/variety of
137. 難怪…(It is) no wonder that…
138. 為…感到自豪be proud of=take pride in
139. 感到筋疲力盡be worn/tired out = be exhausted
140. 為…作好了充分的准備 be well prepared / make good preparations for sth / to do sth
141. 有毛病;不舒服;出故障be wrong with / go wrong
142. 非常值得做…be well worth doing
143. 提出 put forward
144. 為…擔心worry about / be worried about / be concerned about
145. 某人有資格做…sb be qualified for sth / to do sth / as…
146. 某人/某事證明…sb/ sth prove ( to be)
147. 向某人提供…provide sb with sth = provide sth for sb
148. 在場的人 people present
149. 和…密切相關be closely related to
150. 自然資源 natural resources
151. 因…而導致result from
152. 僅次於 second (only ) to
153. 務必要…;保證 see to it that …
154. 對…敏感 be sensitive to
155. 為…樹立榜樣 set an example to sb
156. 短缺be short of / for lack of
157. 在…之後不久(shortly) shortly after…
158. 和…相似 be similar to
159. 高度評價 speak highly of
160. 成功地做… succeed in doing sth
161. 比…優秀 be superior to
162. 應該做… be supposed to do sth

C. 高考英語考點


1. 冠詞命題規律:
2. 代詞命題規律:
(1)不定代詞all, any, none, both, either, neither; other,another; some, any; little, few; something, anything, nothing, somebody/one,anybody/one, nobody, no one等;
(2)替代詞it, one, that, those;
3. 名詞命題規律:
4. 形容詞和副詞的命題規律:
5. 介詞命題規律:
(1)常用介詞的用法,如as, by, of, with, over, on, towards, beyond,through等;
(2)常用的短語介詞,如instead of, in search of, in case of, in fear of,because of, as a result of等;
(3)由介詞構成的習語,如in a word, in another word, in fact, in all, aboveall, after all, at all, at last, as a result等。
6. 動詞時態的命題規律:
(2)固定句式中的時態。如:祈使句+and / or+陳述句(用一般將來時);過去進行時+when+一般過去時;
7. 非謂語動詞的命題規律:
8. 情態動詞的命題規律:
(1)情態動詞的基本意義和用法,特別是can, can』t, mustn』t, needn』t, shall,should, used to, had better, would rather等;
(2) 表示推測的用法;
(3) 表示後悔或輕微責備的用法。
9. 短語動詞的命題規律:
(1) take, get, make,put, look, turn, break, go, fall, hold, keep, work, carry, give, cut, set, fall等動詞+介詞或副詞;
(2)動詞+out / in / up / down / on / off / to / away / over /back等;
(3)動詞+副詞+介詞,如keep up with, put up with, come up with, hold onto, go together with, get along / on with, go in for, break away from, get outof, get down to等。
(1)考查的詞義在教材中可能沒出現。如:work out作「結果」解,break down作「失敗」解在教材中就沒有;
10. 動詞辨析的命題規律:
(1)語境中選擇一個恰當的動詞。如:do(行、替代動詞), act(起作用), , leave(留下), sense(感覺到), run(褪色), cover(采訪), promise(有…的希望), follow /catch(明白), matter(要緊), attempt(企圖)等;
(2)詞義和用法容易混淆的動詞。如:turn,become, get, go, grow(變化);suit, fit, meet, satisfy, do(適合);supply, offer,provide(提供);want, wish, hope,expect (希望、料想、祝願);spend, take, cost,pay(花費);see, watch, notice,observe, glance, stare(看);say, speak, tell, talk(說);receive, accept(收到、接受);last, continue, keep(持續);seat, sit(坐); rise, raise(升高); celebrate,congratulate (慶祝、祝賀); manage, try(努力); persuade, advise,suggest(勸); beat, hit, strike,
knock(打); raise, grow, feed (養、植); seat,hold, admit(容納); bear, stand, take(承受、忍受); start, begin(開始); separate,divide(分開)等;
(3)拼寫易混的詞。如:spare, share; lie, lay, find, found;
(4)動詞與名詞等的習慣搭配。如:answer the phone / door; kill the time, read sb.mind / thought, make it(成功), make it 8(定於8點);
考試中倍受青睞也是不可缺少 的題型之一。高考英語NMET單項填空B部分為
20個小題,內容涉及到中學英語課本(初中6冊,高中3冊)許許多 多方面的
乾的意思,弄清命題 者要考查我們哪些方面的知識,切忌不認真讀題干就盲目
地拿起來不加思索地選;其次要注意做題方法,要特 別注意空格前後詞與詞之
與聯 系,逐一比較排斥;最後注意做完後要認真復查核對,將所選的一項放到
題干中再去檢驗,看意思、語法和習 慣搭配上是否有疏忽,發現錯誤及時更正。
即:語法題、習語及慣用法搭 配題、詞語辨析題和情景交際題。下面筆者就分
的考查,也可能對語法結構形 式上進行考查。從近幾年的高考試題來看,單一
考查語法的題越來越少,而是將語法考查放在一定的語境中考 查,而且在同一
此,我們一定 要掌握語法的一般規則、概念、構成形式,靈活運用,同時要注

D. 高考英語短語

look 的常用短語:

look up … in查找

look sb. up and down 上下打量

look back to/ upon回顧

look upon…as把… 看作

look forward to期待

look through瀏覽; 看穿

take a new look呈現新面貌

? fear的常用短語:

in fear害怕地

(be) in fear of 害怕

for fear of/ that擔心;生怕

? concentrate 的常用短語:

concentrate on 專心…

concentrate one」s mind on 專心於…


fix one」s mind upon

focus on

put one」s heart into

focus one」s mind on


in surprise驚訝地

to one」s surprise 使某人驚訝的是

be surprise at/to do/that




pull on

put on


dress sb

2. 表示狀態的有:


be in

be dressed in

have … on



care for

be keen on

be fond of

take delight in…

? trouble的常用短語:

have much trouble / no trouble (in) doing 在…有/沒有困難

take great trouble to do


put sb to the trouble of doing …


make trouble搗亂

be in (great) trouble


help sb. out of trouble


? end的常用短語:

come to an end……結束

put an end to 結束……

on end豎起, 連續

in the end終於; 最後

end up (by) doing…以……結束

make both ends meet收支相抵

? 表示「導致」、「由…引起」的短語:

1. 導致

cause sth. (to do)

result in

lead to

2. 由……引起

be caused by

result from

grow out of

lie in


do / try one」s best

spare no efforts to do

take great pains to do

go all out to do

do what somebody can (do) to do

do all somebody can (do) to do

? direction常用短語:

in (the ) direction of….朝……方向

under the direction of ...在……的指導下

follow the directions照說明去做

? far常用短語:

far from (being)離……要求相差很遠

far from +(a place)距離某地很遠

far away遙遠

so far 到目前為止; 那麼遠

as far as sb. knows/sees據某人所知

by far


? distance常用短語:

in the distance在遠處

from/ at a distance從遠處

keep sb. at a distance


It is no distance at all.不遠

? use常用短語:

used to do過去曾經、常做

be used to doing …習慣於……

be used to do被用來做……

make good/ full use of充分利用……

come into use開始使用……

it is no use doing …干……沒有用


What」s wrong with….?

What」s the matter with…?

What」s the trouble with…?

What happened (to sb.) ?


It is known to all that…主語從句,that不省

As is known to all,定語從句,置於句首

We all know (that)後接賓語從句

Everyone knows (that)後接賓語從句

which is known to all.非限定從句,置於句末


agree with sb. /what sb. said

agree to sth.

approve (of) sth.

in favour of sth.

be agreeable to sth.

be for sth.


disagree with sb./ what sb. said

object to sth.

disapprove (of) sth.

be against sth.

? sign的常用短語:

sign one」s name簽名

sign to sb (not) to do sth.


signs of …


?would rather 與 prefer 的區別


would rather do A than do B

prefer A to B

prefer to do A rather than do B

2. would rather 主語 + 過去式,表示「寧願」

eg. I would rather you came tomorrow than today.

should prefer sb. to do sth./ should prefer 主語 + 過去式,表示「比較喜歡……」

eg. I should prefer you not to go there alone.

OR: I should prefer that you did not go there alone.


be caught in a trap落入圈套

be led into a trap中圈套

set a trap to do sth.設圈套……

be trapped in sth.被…..所圍困

? grow常用短語

in the grow of在….成長中

grow up長大; 成長

grow rich on靠….. 變富

grow into長成……

grow out of由…..引起/滋生出

? make常用短語

be made up of =consist of 由……組成

make up for彌補

be made from/ of由……造成

make up編造;組成;化妝

be made into製成……

make fun of取笑; 嘲弄

make a living 謀生

supply, provide, offer 的區別:


supply / provide sb. with sth.

supply / provide sth. for sb.

supply sth. to sb.

offer sb. sth.

2. 表示「主動提出做某事」

offer to do sth.

3. 表示「倘使」、「假如」

provided / providing that

= on condition that

=only if

4. 表示「滿足需要」supply / meet a need.

? supply的常用短語

in short supply 缺乏,不足

medical/military supply醫療/軍用品

supplies of…許多

? lack的常用短語

be lacking in sth. 在……不足

make up for the lack of


for/by/from/through lack of…


have no lack of不缺


do damage/harm to 對……有害

cause damage to 對……造成損害

ask for damage要求賠償

die of 與die from 的區別

die of 表示「死於……病」或凍死、氣死,或死於過度悲傷。

die of cancer/grief/hunger/anger/cold

die from表示死於外傷、事故、勞累過度。如:

die from polluted air/overwork/sword thrust


die for one」s country為國捐軀

die down熄滅、平息

die off絕種、枯死

die away消逝、靜下來

die a heroic death英勇犧牲


threaten sb. with sth.用……威脅某人

threaten to do…威脅做……

under the threat of…在……的威脅下


speed up加速

at the speed of…以…..的速度

with great speed迅速


take aim at瞄準

reach an aim達到目的

aim at瞄準、針對

permit與allow 的區別


permit/allow doing sth.

permit/allow sb. to do sth.

permit /allow of sth


Time/Weather permitting, I」ll drop in on her.

allow 還可以表示「承認」、「考慮到」。例如:

1. We allow him to be wronged.

2. will take an hour to go there, allowing for traffic delays.


by means of通過….., 靠……

by this means/ in this way用這種方法

by no means/in no case決不

by all means用一切辦法


keep up with緊跟…..

keep sb. doing sth.讓某人一直做

keep sb. from doing sth.阻止…..做……

keep off the grass勿踏草地

keep to the point緊扣主題

keep in touch with與……保持聯系


make one」s mark成功、出名

be marked with標明

gain/get full marks for ……得滿分


take one」s seat坐下

have a seat請坐

see/find sb. seated看見/發現某人坐在….

be seated就座, 坐著

seat oneself in/at/on使自己坐在……

部分動詞+ to + doing 的用法

look forward to

get down to

object to

devote… to…

pay attention to



give up放棄

give in讓步\屈服

give off 散發出

give away贈送、泄漏

give rise to 引起……

give out 疲勞、用完、散發出


be fit for適合

keep fit/keep healthy保持健康

be fit to do 適合於…..

fit in with適應……

a nice fit合身的衣服

…fit sb.某人穿….. 合身

?reach 常用短語

reach an agreement達成協議

reach for…伸手去拿/夠……

within / out of reach夠得到/夠不著

reach sb」s understanding 使某人明白


feed sth. to sb/feed sb. on sth. 用……喂養……

be fed up of…/ be tired of…/ be bored with…


feed on以……為食


without mercy殘忍地

have mercy on /upon 對……表示憐憫

at the mercy of任憑擺布

beg for mercy 乞求饒恕

? exist常用短語

exist in/lie in/consist in存在於……

in existence 現存的

come into existence/ come into being 形成

? opinion常用短語

in one」s opinion =in the opinion of sb.在某人看來

have a high/ low opinion of


give one」s opinion on


? persuade常用短語

persuade sb. to do =

persuade sb. into doing


try to persuade sb. to do


persuade sb. to sth.


? engage 常用短語

be engaged to sb.


be engaged in sth. =

be engaged doing sth.

忙於……, 從事某事

wide 與broad 的區別


a river 50 feet wide/ broad

指身體部位「寬肩、寬背」一般用broad, 表示


broad shoulders/ back

with wide eyes

open one」s mouth wide

wide 還可以作副詞,表示「完全、大大地」

be wide awake

be wide open

? sure常用短語

be sure of/about


be sure to do sth.


make sure + that-clause


make sure of…


? experience 常用短語

have experience in…


be experienced in…


? pain 常用短語

take great pains to do


spare no pains to do


? stick 常用短語

stick to sth.


stick …on…


be stuck in …


stick no bills


? spare 常用短語

spare money/time for


in one」s spare time


spare no efforts to do


don」t spare the opinions


? put down的不同含義

put down (one」s knife and fork) 放下……

pit down the rebellion


put down what sb. says


?take up 的不同含義

take up a hobby


take up football


take up the work


take up…time/space


take up a post


take up a song/ cry


? habit 常用短語

form/get the habit of


be in/have the habit of


get into the habit of


get rid of the habit=

grow out of the habit=

break away from the habit



E. 高考英語語法考點總結


鏈接: https://pan..com/s/1mCZ_-kYLd2tOencogsxbLQ

提取碼: 28ue


F. 高考英語必備短語

1 abandon his wife and children/ his hope 拋妻棄子/放棄希望
abandon oneself to 放縱於
2 have the ability to do sth 有能力做sth
3 be able to do 能夠做sth
4 go abroad 出國
5 be absent from 缺席
6 be absorbed in 全神貫注於
7 have/ get the access to 有得到sth的機會/享用sth的權利
8 by accident 無意的
9 according to 根據
10 accuse sb of sth = charge sb with sth 控告sb sth, 指責sb sth
11 be accustomed to = be used to 習慣於
12 act as 起著……的作用
13 take an active part in 積極參加
14 adapt (sb) to 適應sth
15 add up to 合計達
add to 添加,增添
16 in addition to 除了……之外
17 admit to sb 向sb承認
admit (to) doing 承認做sth
admit sb to/ into sth 使sb進入sth be admitted to/ into college
18 adopt a child/ policy 收養一個孩子/採用一個政策
19 in advance 提前,事先
20 take advantage of 利用
have an advantage (of sth) over sb 有超越sb的sth的優點
give sb an advantage over sb 給sb超越sb的優勢
21 advise sb to do 建議sb去做sth
advise doing 建議做sth
22 can/ could (not) afford sth / to do 供應(不)起sth/做sth
23 be afraid to do/ of 不敢做sth/害怕sth
24 in the afternoon 在下午
25 again and again 再三
26 at the age of 在……歲的時候
27 agree on 就sth達成一致意見
agree with sb 同意sb
not agree with sb 不適應sb
agree to sth (plan, suggestion…) 同意計劃/建議
agree to do/ that 同意去做sth
I can』t agree with you any more. 非常同意
28 go ahead 去吧,去做吧
ahead of 在……的前面
29 first aid 急救

G. 高考英語的常用短語.




1. With the help of 在~~幫助下
under the leadership / care of 在~~領導/關心下
2. be strict with sb. 對~人要求嚴格
be strict in sth. 對~事要求嚴格
3. at present=at the present time 目前
for the present 暫時
4. in the sun/sunshine 在陽光下
under the sun 在世界上
5. lie in 位於~~之內
lie on 同~~接壤
lie to 位於~~之外
6. at least 至少
in the least 絲毫,一點
7. by name 名叫
in the name of 以~~名義
8. in the air 空中,在流傳
on the air 播出
9. in the way 擋路,障礙,用~~方法
in a way 在某點上,在某種程度上
get one』s own way to do 隨心所欲
give way 讓步,屈服
lose one』s way 迷路
by the way 順便說一下
on one』s way to 在去~~的路上
Come this way 這邊走
10. at the corner 在拐角處(外角)
in the corner 在角落裡(內角)
on the corner 在角落上(外角上)
11. judge by / from 根據~~來判斷
judge for oneself 由某人自己來判斷
12. at the end (of) 在~~結束時
at the beginning of 在~~開始時
at the back of 在~~背後,支持
at the age of ~~歲時
at the foot of 在~~腳下
at the bottom of 在~~底部
at the top of 在~~頂上
at/on the edge of 在~~邊上
13. in the course of 在~~過程中
in the eyes of 從~~觀點看來,在~~眼裡
in the face of 面對~~,盡管,縱使
in the middle of 在~~中間
in the end =at last=finally 最後
14. on the eve of 在~~前夕
on the side of 在~~一邊
15. after a time = after some time 過一段時間後
for a time = for some time 一時,有一段時間
16. behind time 遲到,過期
behind the times 落在時代後面
17. at no time 決不
in no time 立即,馬上
18. at one time = once time 曾經
at a time = each time 每次
at times = sometimes 有時
at all times 經常,一直,始終
at the same time 同時
at the time 在~~的時候
by the time 到~~的時候
19. for a moment 一會兒
for the moment 暫時
at the moment 當時
the moment /minute /instance 正當~~一剎那
20. once or twice 一兩次
more than once 不止一次
once more 重新,又
once upon a time 從前
once in a while 偶爾

1. be on show / display / play / sale / strike / ty / trial
2. be of value / importance / use / no use / color / age / size / height / weight / significance
3. to one』s joy / surprise / pleasure / astonishment / sorrow / delight
4. in surprise / wonder / alarm / terror / horror / delight
5. by air / bicycle / boat / bus / car / letter / post / plane / telephone / train / wire
6. at daybreak / sunrise / dawn / noon/ dark / night
7. out of breath / control / question / sight
8. in fact / reality / substance / nature / practice / theory / short / brief / a word / detail / all / average / full / time / fashion / existence / turn / vain / haste / appearance / common / sum/
general / particular / public / secret / order / part / power / stock / case / bed / future / name / addition / sight
9. on ty / shift / holiday / leave / business / purpose / time / sale / show / board / hand / record / request / root / earth / farm / principle
10. for example / instance / all / good / nothing / convenience / short / fear / sale
11. by weight ( volume size number~~ ) / profession / definition / rule / turn / chance/ accident/
mistake / hand / train ( bus ,taxi ,ship ,boat ~~) / air / land / force / day / nature / sight
12. at most / least / best / worst / once / first / last / home / school / will ( at will:任意) / work /
night / midnight / daybreak / dawn / present / length / large
13. as above / below / following / over / usual / before / a matter of fact
14. above all / measure / normal
15. before all / long / time / now / then
16. after all / class / school
17. out of action / order / condition / use / operation / step / joint / repair/ gear / balance / range/
doubt / date / danger / hand / shape / place / question / stock /
18. with caution / interest / difficulty / ease / advantage / effect / reason / vigor / reserve / success / confidence
19. beyond comprehension / conception / description / expression / doubt / control / reach / power / measure / grasp / compare / controversy / dispute / hope / example
20. under age / discussion / test / way / repair

1. 以of結尾
ahead of , aside of , because of , east of , west of , instead of , short of , lack of , regardless of
2. 以to結尾
according to , as to , counter to , e to , owing to , next to , previous to , prior to , apostle to ,
relative to , subject to , subsequent to , on to , thanks to
3. 以with結尾
along with , together with
4. 以for結尾
as for , but for , except for , save for
5. 以from結尾
from above , from below , from among , from between , from beneath , from behind ,
from over
1. 以in開頭
in addition to , in advance of , in agreement with , in case of , in charge of , in comparison with
in consequence of , in consideration of , in (the) course of , in contrast with , in the face of ,
in favor of , in front of , in honor of , in (the) light of , in the middle of , in the name of ,
in need of , in obedience to , in opposition to , in place of , in preference to , in (the) process of
in regard to , in reply to , in respect of
2. 以by開頭
by means of , by order of , by reason of , by virtue of , by way of
3. 以at開頭
at the beginning of , at the cost of , at the end of , at the hands of , at mercy of , at the point of ,
at the risk of
4. 以with開頭
with an eye to , with the exception of , with the purpose of , with reference to , with regard to,
with respect to , with a view to , with the view of
5. 以for開頭
for the benefit of , for fear of , for lack of , for the good of , for the sake of
6. 以under開頭
under cover of , under pain of , under the present of
7. 以on開頭
on account of , on behalf of , on the occasion of , on the part of , on the point of , on top of

1. I will share (in) the pleasure with him.
2. I spent two hours (in) reading the article.
3. I』ll write (to) you a letter.
4. He plays (on) the piano every evening.
5. Smith has traveled (through) China.
6. They are fighting (against) their enemy.
7. Please fill (in) the blanks in the following.
8. The houses face (to/on) the south.
9. She scolded (at) her child yesterday.
10. It is (of) no use talking.
11. There is no use (in) talking.
12. We couldn』t prevent them (from) getting married.
13. He is busy (in) preparing for the exam.
14. I have studied English (for) ten years.
15. This shirt doesn』t fit (for) me.
16. I want a place to live (in) .
17. You ought to break (off) this habit.
18. She always share (in) my troubles as well as (in ) my jobs.

1. 以break為中心的片語
break away from 脫離,逃離
break down 破壞,粉碎;瓦解;出故障,拋錨
break in 闖進,打斷;使順服
break into 闖入;強行進入;突然開始
break out 爆發,發生;准備使用;起錨
break the law 違反法律
break the record 破記錄
break one』s promise 失言
break up 開墾,破碎;解散,分開,分解
2. 以catch為中心的片語
be caught doing 被發現做某事
be caught in the rain 淋雨
catch a bus/train 趕汽車/火車
catch a cold 傷風,感冒
catch one』s word 聽懂某人的話
catch sight of 發現,瞥見
catch up with 趕上,追及,追上
3. 以come為中心的片語
come across 偶爾發現,想起;越過;償付
come along 一道來,陪伴;進步,進展;出現
come at 達到,求得,得到;撲向,襲擊
come back 回來;恢復,復原
come down 倒下;降落;跌落;病倒
come from 來自,起源於,從~~產生,生於
come in 進來,進入;流行起來;獲名次
come into being 發生,產生,出現,形成
come into power 開始執政,當權,當選
come into use 開始使用,獲得應用
come on 上演;開始;趕快;發展;登台;(問題)被提出
come out 出來,傳出;出版;結果是;褪色;(秘密)泄露
come to 蘇醒,復原;共計;達到;歸結於
come to an end 終止,結束
come to know 開始了解到
come true 實現,成為現實;證實
come up 走近;上樓;長出,發芽
4. 以do為中心的片語
be done in 精疲力竭
be done with 完全結束
do a good deed 做一件好事
do away with 去掉,廢除;弄死;浪費
do good to (=do sb. good) 有益於
do harm to (=do sb. good) 有害於
do its work 有效,有作用
do much 極有用
do wrong to 做錯
do one』s best 盡某人最大努力
do one』s homework 做作業
do one』s utmost 盡力而為
do proud 足以使~~驕傲
do sb. justice 公平對待某人
do some cleaning (V+ing,etc.) 搞衛生
do sb. a favor 幫助某人
do well in 學得不錯,幹得漂亮
do with 和~~相處,忍受,處理
do without 不需要,不用
do wonders 創造奇跡
have much to do with 和~~很有關系
have nothing to do with 與~~無關
have something to do with 和~~有關
in doing so=in so doing 這時,在這種情況下
That will do. 行了;夠了
5. 以get為中心的片語
get about 徘徊,走動,旅行;流傳
get above oneself 自視高傲
get accustomed to 習慣於,對~~習以為常
get across 度過,通過,橫過;說服,使理解
get ahead of 勝過,超過
get along 前進,進步;同意;離去
get along with 與~~相處
get at 發現,了解;掌握;攻擊
get away 離開,逃脫
get back 取回,回來;報復
get behind 落後;識破
get down 咽下;寫下;使沮喪,使抑鬱
get down to 認真對待,靜下心來
get familiar with 熟悉
get hold of 獲得,取得
get home 到家
get in 進入,陷入;牽涉
get off 送走;脫下(衣服);下車;動身
get on 上車;穿上;進步,使前進;成功;相處
get upon with 進步;在~~方面獲得成功
get one』s hand in 熟悉;習慣
get out of 由~~出來,從~~得出;避免;退休
get over 越過;恢復,痊癒;克服;完成
get ready for 為~~作準備
get rid of 除去,去掉;免除,擺脫
get through 到達,完成,通過;及格
get together 積聚,積累;商談,取得一致意見
get up 起床,起立;研究,鑽研;致力於;安排,組織
get used to 習慣於
have got to do 不得不,必須
6. 以give為中心的片語
be given to 沉溺於,癖好
give about 分配;傳播
give and take 相互遷就
give away 贈送;犧牲;泄露;頒發
give back 歸還
give cause 給予~~的理由
give ear to 側耳傾聽
give forth 發出,放出;發表
give in 屈服,讓步,投降
give in to 同意,接受;向~~讓步
give off 發出(煙,氣味)
give oneself out to be/as 自稱為
give oneself up to 專心於;向~~自首
give out 分發,公布
give place to 讓位於,被~~所替代
give rise to 引起,導致;使~~發生
give sb. to understand 通知某人
give up 放棄;停止
give way to 讓步,退卻;屈服於
7. 以look為中心的片語
look about 四下環顧;查看
look after 照顧,看管
look around 東張西望
look at 注視,著眼於
look back 回顧
look for 尋找;期待,期望
look down on 俯視;輕視
look forward to 盼望,期待
look into 窺視;調查;瀏覽
look like 看起來象
look on 旁觀;面向
look out 向外看;注意;當心,堤防
look over 從上面看過去;檢查
look through 透過~~看去;看穿;瀏覽
look up to 仰望,尊敬
8. 以make為中心的片語
be made from 由~~原料製成
be made of 由~~材料製成
be made up of 由~~組成
make a fool of 愚弄,欺騙
make a mistake 弄錯
make a point of doing 強調;認為~~重要;決心,堅持
make advantages/use of 使用,利用
make after 追求,追趕
make believe 假裝
make certain 確信,把~~弄清楚
make contact with 接通,與~~接觸,與~~聯系
make for 去向,向~~前進;有利於
make friends with 和~~交友
make into 把~~製成,使~~轉變為
make much of 重視;理解;賞識
make one』s mind on sth. 決定某事
make one』s own 當作自己的看待
make oneself at home 隨便,別拘束
make out 填寫;開支票;理解;辨認
make the best of 盡量利用;極為重視
make up 彌補,修理;賠償,補償;起草;編造;化裝
make up to 接近,巴結;向~~求愛
make way for 為~~讓路,讓路於
on the make 急求成功;增加
9. 以put為中心的片語
put aside 把~~放在一邊;擱置;排除
put away 把~~放好,把~~收拾;儲藏;吃喝,吃掉
put back 把~~放回原處;駁回
put down 放下;鎮壓;制止;記下;削減;降落
put forward 提出;撥快;建議,推薦;提倡,倡議
put ~~ into 把~~放入;插入;翻譯成
put off 推遲,延期;消除;推脫,推辭
put on 上演;穿上,帶上
put one』s heart into 全神貫注,專心致志
put up 舉起,掛起;提名,推薦;陳列
put up with 忍受,容忍
10. 以take為中心的片語
be taken aback 吃驚
take a seat 就坐
take a shower 淋浴,洗澡
take aim 瞄準,設立目標
take away 拿走,減去;奪去
take ~~ by surprise 出奇制勝
take care of 當心,注意;照顧;提防;謹慎;處理,對付;負責
take ~~ for 把~~當作
take off 脫去,除去;離開;起飛;模仿;起程;致死;復制,作副本;減弱
take office 就職,上任
take one』s place 就坐,入坐
take one』s temperature 量體溫
take part in 參與,參加
take place = happen 發生,舉行
take the place of 代替
take pride in 以~~為榮,對~~驕傲
take sb. by the arm 拉某人的胳膊
take it easy 別著急,慢慢來
11. 以turn為中心的片語
give a new turn to 對~~予以新的看法
in one』s turn 輪到某人做某事
out of turn 不按次序的,不合適宜的
take one』s turn to do 輪到做
turn a blind eye to 對~~視而不見
turn against 背叛,採取敵對態度
turn back 折回,往回走
turn down 折疊,翻下,駁回,拒絕考慮
turn into 走進;變成,變為
turn to ~~for help 求助於
turn off 關上(自來水,電器開關);解僱,辭退;避開(問題);製造;生產
turn on 打開(自來水,電器開關);反對;依靠,依賴,取決於
turn one』s attention to 把注意力轉向
turn out 培養;證明是;製成;實際情況是
turn out to be 原來是,證明是,結果是
turn over a new leaf 翻開新的一頁,重新開始,改過自新
turn (a)round 旋轉,轉過身來;改變意見;採取新政策
turn to 變成;著手於
turn upside down 顛倒過來,翻過來;使陷入混亂

H. 高考英語短語的固定搭配盤點

1. 接動詞原形作賓補的6個常用動詞

feel sb. do sth. 感覺某人做某事

have sb. do sth. 使某人做某事

hear sb. do sth. 聽見某人做某事

let sb. do sth.讓某人做某事

listen to sb. do sth. 聽著某人做某事

look at sb. do sth. 看著某人做某事

2. 接不定式或動名詞作賓語意思相同的4個動詞

like to do sth / like doing sth.


love to do sth / love doing sth.


hate to do sth / hate doing sth.


prefer to do sth / prefer doing sth.


3. 接不定式或動名詞作賓語意思不同的3個動詞

(1) remember to do sth. 記住要做某事

remember doing sth. 記住曾做過某事

(2) forget to do sth. 忘記要做某事

forget doing sth. 忘記曾做過某事

(3) regret to do sth. 後悔(遺憾)要做某事

regret doing sth. 後悔(遺憾)曾做過某事

註:stop to do sth. 與stop doing sth.也不同,前者指停下來去做某事,後者指停止正在做的事,但stop to do sth. 中的不定式不是賓語,是目的狀語。

4. 可接雙賓語的常用動詞

(1) 雙賓語易位時需藉助介詞to的常用動詞

award sb. sth. = award sth. to sb.


(2) 雙賓語易位時需藉助介詞for的常用動詞

book sb. sth. = book sth. for sb.


buy sb. sth. = buy sth. for sb.


choose sb. sth. = choose sth. for sb.


cook sb. sth. = cook sth. for sb.


draw sb. sth. = draw sth. for sb.


fetch sb. sth. = fetch sth. for sb.


find sb. sth. = find sth. for sb.


fix sb. sth. = fix sth. for sb.


get sb. sth. = get sth. for sb.


make sb. sth. = make sth. for sb.


order sb. sth. = order sth. for sb.


pick sb. sth. = pick sth. for sb.


prepare sb. sth. = prepare sth. for sb.


save sb. sth. = save sth. for sb.



I. 高考英語常考短語與知識點


J. 近幾年高考常考的英語短語



sb agree with sb/sth

sth agree with sb

agree to sth

agree on sth

agree to do sth


break down

break in

break into sp.

break off

break out (

break through

break up

break away from


bring about =cause, result in, lead to

bring sth back

bring sb back to sth

bring down

bring forth


bring forward
=put forward/

bring in


bring up sb

bring up sth

bring up

bring to an end
=come to an end


call on sb

call at

call for sth



cut sth in half/in two/into halves



cut away


cut down









cut off



















cut out








cut through




cut up




die away




die down






die from


die of


die off


die out




do away with =get rid of






do with


do without




do up






do out







fall asleep


fall ill



fall back




fall behind




fall off





to fall off a bench


fall through




get about




get across






get along with sth


get along with sb


get away






get down








get in






get off








get on


get on with sth


get on with sb


get out






get over








get around =spread




get through






get to


get together